How Long Does It Take To See Results From Executive Coaching?

“When will I see results” is the million-dollar question and may well be code for, “when will I see a return on my investment”?

Either way, let us set the scene and make sure everything is in place.

You have commissioned an excellent executive coach, have established your objectives and are genuinely committed to personal exploration and learning through deep introspection. During your initial meeting with your coach, you have established a good rapport along with feelings of trust. In other words, you have the foundations of a good working relationship.

Everything is in place!

Ideally, a coaching relationship might last from 6 months to several years with hour-long sessions once every two weeks.

What results might you notice first? As the coachee, you may find that having some time to reflect and be introspective highlights some things you’d been ignoring under the guise of being too busy. These are internal changes that form the bedrock for developing personal wisdom. This wisdom leads to long term transformation and is located deep within your consciousness.

The thing about personal insight is that it is a bit like being on the Eurostar out of London. Once your board the train and take your seat, you are committed and cannot get off. The next stop is Paris.

Also, short term, some minor behavioural changes start to occur. These may begin as homework, designed as a ‘toe in the water changes that help coachees explore boundaries and risk.

Medium-term insights are starting to lead to points of wisdom, and change is in the air. Along with this is more headspace to reflect on more challenging issues which have remained hidden.

Long term effects should continue long after the sessions have been completed and be the result of the journey started in the sessions with personal insight and wisdom. Insightfulness does not evaporate when the sessions finish. Professional development continues.

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