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Executive Presence in a Modern World

Executive presence is your ability to inspire confidence among your peers, subordinates, and senior leaders, who are essential to your success. You must show that you are able, trustworthy, and a safe pair of hands with the potential for outstanding achievement.  Your executive presence will indicate whether you can deliver on your strategic objectives and…

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Reducing Stress in Transformation Programmes

Over many decades of working with organisations navigating transformation, I often hear staff talk about change fatigue. Change fatigue is associated with an expectation to take on many new working practices without being deeply engaged in them. These expectations frequently result from a strategic initiative developed at the executive level, where a knowledge of day-to-day…

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The Six Objectives of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has become essential to staying competitive in todayā€™s world. Companies that embrace digital transformation as an ongoing operational development are better placed to stay ahead of the curve, increase efficiency, and remain agile. Staying up to date has never been more critical. The world seems particularly volatile, with markets and industries that once…

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The Importance of Engagement in Innovation

Engagement is a crucial aspect of any successful company and is essential for successful innovation. It actively involves and listens to employees, customers, and stakeholders in decision-making processes and implementations. Engagement fosters a sense of ownership, trust, and collaboration, all necessary to ensure a successful outcome. Companies can gain valuable insights into their products and…

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The Learning Organisation Health Check

As I’ve mentioned in my previous blogs, organisations are like organisms. In the same way, life on our planet has developed, so we can learn how to scale our businesses using some of the same elements. Here are five elements to look for where nature has taught us about successful growth and sustainability. These five…

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Change and the rowing boat

The Great Myths of Change Management Change management often gets spoken about as a singular activity. As if it is somehow part of a project or set of To Dos on a programme schedule. You know, “Stakeholder Management”, start date, end date .. etc. We even have Kurt Lewin explaining how change programmes must unfreeze…

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Influencing change

Do we manage change, or just influence it? Change is not just inevitable. It is a sign that life exists. The more things change, the more abundant life is. That is the story of nature and us; you and me. You are an organisation of cells, bacteria and a wide assortment of biological stuff working…

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New course for Glasgow Chamber of Commerce: Person-Centred Leadership and Voice

I’m really excited to be working with my friend and collaborator, Fiona Taylor, on a new course for Glasgow Chamber of Commerce called: Person-Centred Leadership and Voice. The day introduces participants to the ethos of person-centred leadership. Carl Rogers, the grandfather of the approach, saw that the quality of a relationship between people directly impacted…

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Masaru Emoto, Water Crystals, and Our Health and Wellbeing

Masaru Emoto was a businessman born in Yokohama, Japan. During the 1990s, after receiving the rights to a magnetic resonance analyser, he started studying and experimenting with water crystals, with the results later published in a book called. “Hidden Messages in water”. Emoto was no scientist, and his work has been neither peer-reviewed nor evaluated…

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