His approach is very assuring, considered, and insightful, which helps you build a deep understanding of the issues you face. Coaching aims to help you become free from the things that keep you stuck in the same place doing the same things and feeling frustrated. In this way, you can reach your full  potential, as a leader and as an individual.

picture of Andrew Woodward sitting in empty room

Andrew brings over 25 years of extensive experience in supporting business leaders and C-suite executives to reach their full potential. Andrew started his career in industrial sales with Pirelli Power Transmission Systems, looking after clients such as Massey Ferguson and Ford New Holland, but soon realised that he needed a more significant challenge.

His coaching career started at Proudfoot Consulting, which he joined in 1999. At Proudfoot, he began coaching managers and supervisors on how to achieve significant productivity improvements. As he progressed through the company, Andrew started coaching senior clients through the challenges of organisational transformation. It was the start of a fascination with executive and leadership development.

Andrew eventually left the corporate world to branch out on his own, building an executive coaching and consulting business operating in the public and private sectors. His work has extended across various organisations, including Education Scotland, Edinburgh University,  College Development Network & Local Government.  Andrews experience in executive coaching reaches across a variety of sectors, including Manufacturing & Engineering (automation, robotics, subsea oil and gas & industrial manufacturing), Food & Drink, Travel  & Tourism, Government, Education and Youth & Social Services.

He also delivers award-winning programmes, CCI:  Corporate Coach International (training aspiring coaches to postgraduate level) and leadership development training, such as Person-centred Coaching in Leadership and the Voice, an exploration into your personal leadership style.