Change and the rowing boat

The Great Myths of Change Management Change management often gets spoken about as a singular activity. As if it is somehow part of a project or set of To Dos on a programme schedule. You know, “Stakeholder Management”, start date, end date .. etc. We even have Kurt Lewin explaining how change programmes must unfreeze…

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Andrew Woodward

Influencing change

Do we manage change, or just influence it? Change is not just inevitable. It is a sign that life exists. The more things change, the more abundant life is. That is the story of nature and us; you and me. You are an organisation of cells, bacteria and a wide assortment of biological stuff working…

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New course for Glasgow Chamber of Commerce: Person-Centred Leadership and Voice

I’m really excited to be working with my friend and collaborator, Fiona Taylor, on a new course for Glasgow Chamber of Commerce called: Person-Centred Leadership and Voice. The day introduces participants to the ethos of person-centred leadership. Carl Rogers, the grandfather of the approach, saw that the quality of a relationship between people directly impacted…

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