Know You More and the University of Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh logo with students in background

It is an exciting journey to be part of the coaching cohort supporting Know You More and Edinburgh University during this time of challenge.

The University of Edinburgh has partnered with Know You More to support the

professional development of their leadership population.


Their development will consist of a coaching programme delivered digitally and aimed

to support the following:


Know yourself: understanding self as a leader, individual styles and strengths.

Sharpened personal and people leadership skills and improved confidence and wellbeing.


Know your context: discussion and challenge to their current situation and a greater

understanding of their role within that situation. A greater sense of clarity and direction


Know your goals: bringing together strengths and context, identifying a focus for

development and forming steps toward achieving their goals. Better and consistent


Revealing the leadership secrets for a successful business

Lessons from high performing business leaders

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