Free 30-Minute Executive Coaching Sessions

Most of the leaders I am speaking to just now have experienced a rapid increase in pace and intensity of their work and private lives. Since March this year, we have all had to come to terms with major disruptions to our businesses and for many, there has been no slowdown. Far from it.

Businesses have had to transform and reinvent themselves to adjust to the new normal. A sizeable proportion of businesses are now working from home using virtual technology. Furthermore, one would expect that this would result in labour-saving hours, however, the very opposite has happened. The extra workload is also creating anxiety due to short-term productivity gains. Transformation programmes, which were planned to run over a number of years are now being delivered at break-neck-speed as businesses are having to evolve and adjust to keep pace with the new normal.

As leaders, you still need to have space to think strategically and prioritise effectively. Having a coach can be very beneficial and can help you to clarify your thoughts and focus on staying at the top of your game. If you have considered coaching and/or mentoring, please drop me a line. I am offering free 30-minute sessions to establish if there is a need in the business community to assist with the unprecedented and rapid changes we all find ourselves in due to Covid-19.

These sessions can be booked in with me directly via email

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