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Facilitated group work developing
on-line progresses


Andrea Nicholas 
Joint Founder and Managing Director


Facilitated group work developing
on-line progresses

During 2018, we had the privilege of working with Green Tourism, helping them develop their accreditation programme - The Green Check.

They have over 2100 member across the UK, Ireland, Italy and Canada and plan to continue their expansion globally. They are the world’s leading sustainable accreditation programme for the tourism sector, and a new member will probably experience 20% or more of cost savings in their first year of membership.

As Green Tourism have expanded their geographical customer base, it has become more important that they take advantage of digital enablement in order to reach clients further away. Woodward Consulting facilitated working groups to develop the processes that would eventually become automated on-line.

Through the new process, members will be able to access specialist support and advice from highly qualified advisors. Members also join a network of suppliers and like-minded individuals and businesses in sustainable business ideas.

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