Executive Coaching and Mentoring

Executive coaching and mentoring is confidential, one-to-one conversations with a trusted and qualified practitioner. Coaching provides a supportive space for business executives and senior managers to explore their management style. It is important from the outset that trust between the coach and client is established as this creates the right chemistry. This will enable a natural flow of personal insight and reflection which will lead the client to a point of clarity.

What are some of the benefits of Business Coaching and Mentoring?

  • Builds confidence
  • Allows clients to develop personal insight and learning
  • Supports clients through transformation and growth
  • Improves Individual and Organisational Performance and Productivity

There are three types of Executive Coaching solutions that I offer to clients. They are:

Traditional – This approach is used to help managers define tasks and processes. This might be the delivery of a new process, service or product. This approach is more facilitative and may include training sessions on analytical techniques.

Transitional – This method is used to support middle-management teams in order to explore better ways of organising the way they work and behave. This approach should be used if there is a scaled improvement program ongoing within the organisation where a complete change in work culture is required.

Transformational – This is the most challenging of the three approaches. This method works with very senior-level executives to facilitate building on existing work practices in order to achieve a greater vision and purpose for the organisation. This may call for some creative thinking and the development of key strategic goals. It is strategically that executive teams can make a difference if they are performing at the correct level and pace. My intervention will support executive teams to achieve that level of activity.

I am certified by the Institute of Leadership and Management as an Executive Coach and Mentor and I am a member of the Association for Coaches (AoC). To retain my ILM accreditation, I undertake CPD hours and supervision from a AoC qualified practitioner on a monthly basis.

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Woodward Consulting adhere to the International Code of Ethics

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Know You More and the University of Edinburgh

It is an exciting journey to be part of the coaching cohort supporting Know You More and Edinburgh University during this time of challenge.

The University of Edinburgh has partnered with Know You More to support the professional development of their leadership population.

Their development will consist of a coaching programme delivered digitally and aimed to support the following:

Know yourself: understanding self as a leader, individual styles and strengths. Sharpened personal and people leadership skills and improved confidence and wellbeing.

Know your context: discussion and challenge to their current situation and a greater understanding of their role within that situation. A greater sense of clarity and direction

Know your goals: bringing together strengths and context, identifying a focus for development and forming steps toward achieving their goals. Better and consistent performance.

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