Digital Cloud Implementation for Folkestone & Hythe District Council


Folkestone & Hythe
District Council


Digital Cloud


Woodward Consulting worked in association with iESE, a Public Sector Transformation Consulting Service to deliver a complex organisational redesign and digitalisation project for Folkestone and Hythe District Council.

The key issue was the complexity of engaging with the civil service, councillors and the general public to ensure that service levels were maintained or improved. In addition, there was an imperative to make cost savings of £1.8 million.



The team worked collaboratively with staff to develop future-state business processes and quantifiable savings. Key information requirements were designed into the management processes which supported the new organisational structure.

In addition, the consulting team used a Customer Focus Diagnostic Tool to understand the current experiences and future aspirations of service users. This data was then used to make sure that the newly digitalised delivery of service met with the needs of the Folkestone and Hythe population.



The consulting team were able to identify £1.8 million in savings and design a full suite of processes improving efficiency and enhancing the customers experience.