Delivering Capital Projects Through Improvements in Management Processes


Senior Management Team/Programme Director


Global technology corporation


This was a capital project with a budget of $3.6 billion financed through a PFI delivering key communications technology.

The issue was one of delivery and visibility through management process. The senior team understood that delivery of key items was at risk and that without adequate performance and delivery data, the financiers and client would begin to lose confidence.

The project was very complex with a vast array of suppliers and sub-suppliers all requiring coordination from the project teams. At the time of engagement, no single project management structure had been set in place to control both the internal design teams and the external suppliers. Due to the nature of the PFI, project over-runs were not acceptable.



There were three phases to the approach. The first was an analysis of the current situation using studies, workshops and observations. The second was the development of an improved management process. The third and final phase was the development and use of training material, coaching and mentoring.



The training material, coaching and mentoring was well received. In addition, the team designed and built a sophisticated programme resource planner. This allowed skilled people to be moved around the programme to where they were needed rather than new staff being hired on contract.