by designing and implementing better processes and systems within your company.

I design efficient processes, systems and ways of working for your company to create pathways through which information flows. The more effective the flow, the more productive the organisation is. Designing effective pathways is a major source of both cost-saving through waste reduction, and capacity enhancement by freeing up time for generative activities.

I have worked for the last 20 years as a successful senior programme director experienced in ensuring the delivery of strategic objectives in complex environments. To date, I have completed over 100 ERP/ICT transformations, major performance improvement, cost reduction and organisational transformations across Europe, America and Africa.

Implementing better processes within any organisation is a team effort and meaningful engagement with staff across the organisation is the best way to get things done.

The route to better business performance lies within the organisation and its processes


1. Analyse >


We study the operation, define the opportunity and baseline performance.


2. Design >

  • Design new processes and ways of working
  • Engage with stakeholders across the organisation
  • Test new processes
  • Design performance improvement metrics

3. Implement >

  • Implement new processes & ways of working
  • Change operating procedures
  • Intensive process & system coaching / training
  • Continuous performance monitoring

4. Sustain >

Leadership and Management Coaching, Measuring Performance and Scalability across the Organisation.

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